Weekend reading: tax refund, e-cigarettes, and more

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Hi everyone and welcome to weekend reading, where we share some of the best posts we read over the past week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. If you haven’t already, please consider following us on TwitterFacebook, and Google+, where we share the latest in personal finance, debt, retirement, insurance, tax and investments.

Personal Finance

If you’ve filed your taxes early and already received your tax refund, Mark at My Own Advisor lists a number of productive things that you can do with the refund. You can pay down your debt, put it towards your retirement, start an emergency fund, make an extra mortgage payment or invest in yourself by upgrading your skills and knowledge.

Robert McLister of The Globe and Mail writes about if you should get pre-approved for a mortgage. Before you do it, here are 10 things you should know about pre-approval.


Ben at A Wealth of Common Sense shows several tables of the worst 10 year performance for a portfolio composed of 50/50 stock/bond. As expected, the numbers aren’t very pretty, but at least they are still positive. Stretch it to a 20 year time horizon, the time frame which the younger generation can expect to hold their investments for, and the picture looks a bit better. This illustrates the power of staying patient holding your investments through thick and thin.

Find out why not having a correction in two years is making investors nervous.


At LSM Insurance, a senior broker was interviewed on a Calgary radio station about e-cigarettes. He argues that e-cigarettes smokers shouldn’t be lumped in with cigarette smokers when pricing insurance, since some e-cigarettes don’t even contain nicotine. I agree that in order to protect the consumer, it should not be an automatic that e-cigarette smokers are classified as smokers for insurance purposes. More information is needed before that classification is made.

No Medical Life Insurance shares an infographic describing the difference between term and permanent life insurance.

Here at AAFS Insurance, we wrote about 13 tips that can help you save money on life insurance. These tips will definitely be useful, especially given that affordability is the number 2 reason consumers delay purchasing life insurance.

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