Weekend reading: RRSP primer, Canadian dividend aristocrats, and more

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Anybody else have a long weekend? While other provinces celebrate Family Day on the third Monday of February, here in BC we have the second Monday of February off. More time off means more time to read the goodies down below.

Personal Finance

Brighter Life writes an excellent primer on RRSP, explaining the basics of the retirement account. This year’s contribution deadline is March 3. Have you made your contributions yet?

Growing Money lists money conversations you need to have before merging finances. It’s not a topic many couples want to have but an important one to avoid confusion and dispute down the road.

With all the talk currently about contributing to RRSP to beat the deadline, My Own Advisor has an interesting take on when to take money out of your RRSP.


In part 1 of his two-part series on Canadian dividend aristocrats, the Dividend Ninja studies these dividend aristocrats and compares the methodology to the American counterpart. He concludes that because of the loose standards to qualify, the index does not deserve to be called an aristocrat.

Scared by the rapid rate at which financial markets are declining? Luke1428 puts the current downturn in perspective and notes that the Dow has suffered a setback of 5% or more 6 times in the past 2 years.

Out of Your Rut explains why small investors get clobbered in bear markets. One of the reasons given was that the greed mentality takes over at the top of the market, and fear at the bottom. This leads to buying high and selling low, which is the exact opposite approach from successful investors.

Even though you get the safety of a GIC and the market returns of stocks, Ellen Roseman of The Star tells you why you should avoid GICs linked to stock markets.


Here at AAFS Insurance, we followed up our post on types of annuities with a post comparing income from annuity providers in Canada.

No Medical Life Insurance tells you your options for life insurance after being diagnosed with heart disease.

Enjoy the reads and be sure to check back on Monday for a new post.