Weekend reading: magic number formulas, genetic testing, and more

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Hi everyone and welcome to weekend reading, where we share some of the best posts we read over the past week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. If you haven’t already, please consider following us on TwitterFacebook, and Google+, where we share the latest in personal finance, debt, retirement, insurance, tax and investments.

Personal Finance

There is a growing shift towards non-traditional ways to of buying a primary residence. Find out what they are and if communal living is right for you.

iQuantifi warns you not to fall for “magic number” formulas for calculating your retirement income.


Ben at A Wealth of Common Sense debunks the myth that stocks and bonds always move in the opposite direction. In fact, they have close to a zero correlation, meaning that both can move in the same direction or in opposite directions with no discernable pattern.

Do you have an investment edge? Don’t worry if you don’t, because even without an edge you can do extremely well as an investor.

In case you missed it, Avrom at the Dividend Ninja hosted an informational webinar with Peter Hodson of 5i Research on dividend investing. It’s a must listen for people interested in dividend investing.


Here at AAFS Insurance, we wrote about why participating in hazardous avocations increase your insurance premiums, and what you can do about it.

If you’re wondering how smoking affects your premiums, the Canada Life Insurance Blog sheds some light on the subject.

At LSM Insurance, they discuss how genetic testing impacts life insurance. Basically, genetic testing is not an underwriting requirement. Although if an applicant has undergone a genetic test, the insurer may treat it like any other information available on him and send a request for this information from his physician.

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