Weekend reading: life insurance ratings, submitting tax return, and more

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Hi everyone and welcome to weekend reading, where we share some of the best posts we read over the past week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. If you haven’t already, please consider following us on TwitterFacebook, and Google+, where we share the latest in personal finance, debt, retirement, insurance, tax and investments.

Personal Finance

Get Smarter About Money suggests 5 things to consider when refinancing your home. Refinancing is a big decision and should only be done if the benefits outweigh the costs.

In case you forgot, the deadline for submitting your tax return without any interest has been extended to midnight of May 5, due to the heartbleed bug.

Boomer and Echo talks about why putting off retirement savings can cost you. The longer you wait to start saving for retirement, the harder it is to build up the nest egg.


Andrew Hallam of The Globe and Mail examines IA Clarington’s claim that their funds have beat the market. He warns that the comparison should be apples to apples, and that comparing a Canadian bond fund to a Canadian equity index is improper. He then goes on to do a comparison using appropriate indices.

Peter Hodson of 5i Research guest posts on Million Dollar Journey about 4 things to watch for when investing. One of the points mentioned was declining sales. If sales are declining, that means people are buying less from the company and it raises a red flag about the company. Peter’s advice is to avoid companies that will have less tomorrow than they do today.


Here at AAFS Insurance, we wrote about what life insurance ratings are, how they affect your premium, and if you should accept a rated policy.

Chantal Marr of LSM Insurance discusses on The Star 8 red flags when applying for life insurance. Not only are major health concerns a red flag for insurers, but so are lifestyle choices such as careless driving and dangerous recreational activities.

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