Weekend reading: insurance at different stages of life, market timing, and more

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Here at AAFS Insurance, we looked at the types of insurance that are important at different stages of life. There are four main types of insurance: life, disability, critical illness and long-term care, and they vary in importance during your days of being single, married and retired.

The Empire Life blog has 5 questions you can ask to determine if your employer sponsored life insurance is good enough. We also have a post here to help you determine if you need individual life insurance if you already have group coverage.

Personal Finance

With a separation or divorce, the splitting of assets is not the only thing to worry about. There are also tax consequences to consider. Tim Cestnick writes in The Globe and Mail about the tax consequences of pension assets, support payments, personal tax credits and more upon the breakdown of marriage.

Kevin Press at Brighter Life comments on the 2014 Sun Life Canadian Health Index, which reveals that 69% of Canadians did not finish their career and retire as planned. There are other shocking stats about retirement, with personal health issues being the main reason for the unplanned retirement.

Barry at Money We Have lists several ways that are guaranteed to make you go broke. Having such a lengthy list shows that it’s not as hard as you think to go broke.


Jim Yih at the Retire Happy blog advises on how to deal with market volatility. This is the toughest test for an investor, and how you navigate the volatility will determine your overall success. The main strategies are to stick with your plan, employ patience and not to time the market.

Mark at My Own Advisor also advises on how to survive today’s volatile markets.

The Steadyhand blog defines market timing, which although many active traders try to do, is actually an extremely difficult and risky way to achieve superior returns.

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