Weekend reading: extreme sports, biggest financial surprise in retirement, and more

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Here at AAFS Insurance, we looked at the list of conditions covered by critical illness insurance as well as their definitions. Standard policies have around two dozen conditions, and should use the benchmark definitions set out by CLHIA.

LSM Insurance lists 5 extreme sports that make it tough to get life insurance. These are activities that have a higher accident rate than most sports, and include scuba diving, mountaineering, skydiving/parachuting, automotive racing and bungee jumping.

Life-Quotes.ca has an excellent series featuring how different diseases affect your chances of being approved for life insurance. This time, they talk about what underwriters look at with cases of thyroid cancer and the chances of approval.

Personal Finance

Sheryl at Brighter Life discusses how much you should save for your retirement. The magic number varies, and depends on factors such as when you started saving, how much you have already saved, your retirement date, life expectancy, and more.

Tim Cestnick, the tax expert, gives advice on a better alternative to getting a big tax refund.

Retirement can be an eye-opener for many, especially those who aren’t prepared for it. In this Financial Post article, Melissa interviews some retirees, who share their biggest financial surprises.


Mark at My Own Advisor has a primer on how to start investing in dividend paying stocks.

Ben at A Wealth Of Common Sense lists some questions that most investors don’t bother asking themselves. For example, what are the tax implications or what is the time horizon for this investment?

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