Weekend reading: crazy insurance policies, child tax benefits, and more

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Here at AAFS Insurance, we looked at the definition of disability, how it affects the cost of the policy and how to qualify for each definition.

Research from Life Happens and LIMRA shows that the number one reason why people don’t buy life insurance is that they assume it is too expensive. 80% of the people polled overestimated the cost, when the true cost for a young and healthy individual is likely to be less than the bill for cable TV or a cell phone plan.

Being a celebrity sometimes means that crazy insurance policies have to be taken to protect their most prized assets.

Personal Finance

Anne at Brighter Life answers questions about new child tax benefits and whether or not you can claim them. A few changes were introduced recently that provides tax relief for parents with young children.

The golden rule of personal finance is to spend less than you make. Mark at My Own Advisor elaborates on a few more rules beyond the golden rule.

Dan at Our Big Fat Wallet discusses the potential impact that doubling the TFSA contribution room will have on generation Y and baby boomers nearing or in retirement. Only 5% of people aged 25-34 have maxed out their TFSA, while 71% of those aged 55 and above have reached their limit. Would doubling contribution room only benefit seniors and the wealthy?


Roadmap2Retire wonders if tobacco stocks are still a good investment. Although tobacco stocks have had historical performance that exceeded the market, will they face a headwind in the future?

A look at how ETFs are changing the investment landscape and how they have become so successful over the last few years.

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